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IaaS or PaaS how much longer can we ask that?

I have worked with both Azure & AWS and I’ve watched as the services from both start morphing into some sort of IaaS/PaaS offering

The Azure services are increasingly making inroads to blur the boundaries so that what was a pure PaaS offering is morphing into an AWS like IaaS service with a strong emphasis on PaaS. The recent release of Azure 1.3 SDK with the beta release of VM roles takes Azure into the IaaS cloud services arena .

Meanwhile AWS has its own PaaS offerings. It has hosted MySql ( RDS) which it has been beefing up over the past few months,  SimpleDB ( although it’s still in beta!), SQS and SNS all can be considered as PaaS offerings.

So with this hybrid offering now being available to complement offerings from Google, SalesForce etc which are PaaS offerings and the IaaS offerings from  Traditional Data Centres the question itself will soon metamorphosis as well .

Grace Mollison





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