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SpotCloud Goes Where Others Fear

I have been following Enomaly for a while as I believe they are building a leading cloud platform that is able to punch above its perceived weight. And SpotCloud is their marketplace where buyers and sellers can trade VM capacity based on the Enomaly ECP (Elastic Computing Platform).

I follow the founder Reuven Cohen on twitter (@ruv) and noticed that he has been travelling around talking to commodity traders and trying to figure that business out. In a blog post he observes

“In looking at corollaries in treating compute resources as a commodity, the closest is probably that of energy creation and power plant financing.”

While his research is based on 90’s commodities trading, I believe that the parallels between energy infrastructure and cloud computing go further back with the standardisation of energy carrying infrastructure. But, having worked a bit in energy trading I know, from the outside looking in, that the energy trading market is ridiculously complex – Reuven is going to have to be careful about the financial instruments he chooses.

I think that the Enomaly/SpotCloud model is the way forward – offering competition and a choice of vendors and services that go beyond the big, established public cloud providers. Perhaps Microsoft, instead of building a proprietary platform that is difficult to sell, should’ve built their Azure fabric controller directly into Windows Server so that they could create a cloud market using their existing installed base – after all SpotCloud’s business model is dependant on Enomaly ECP being installed in as many places as possible.

SpotCloud has caught the flat-footed big players out by creating a model that is attractive to businesses that either have infrastructure or are looking for more choice.

I hope it works for them – it will be good for us all.

Simon Munro



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