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‘The Gu’ to Head Up Azure

In the latest Microsoft reorg, Scott Guthrie (@scottgu) is going to head up Windows Azure. ‘The Gu’, as he is affectionately known, is not well known in the cloud community but is one of the most recognisable figures in Microsoft for developers, both by what he has done within DevDiv for developers and his trademark red shirts.

ScottGu seems to understand developers, not in a ‘Developers! Developers! Developers!‘ Steve Ballmer way, but as a developer and has been able to drive the needs of developers into .NET and Visual Studio. I don’t know all of the things that he has had a personal hand in, but he has been key to driving important aspects of the Microsoft stack.

  • Silverlight would probably still be a media player if it wasn’t for his drive to get a lightweight .NET runtime shoehorned in
  • He has been key in appointing people from outside the normal Microsoft recruitment channels and created a different breed of ‘softies in the likes of Scott Hanselman (@shanselman), Phil Haack (@haacked) and the rest of the Hanselminions.
  • He key in .NET adopting a more open source and community friendly approach that eventually brought developers best practice such as MVC, package management (NuGet) and ORMs (Entity Framework)
If winning the hearts and minds of developers is the key ingredient to platform adoption then ScottGu is simply the best person to lead that effort. His recent tweets indicate that he still intends to be closely involved with the core .NET platform, which bodes well for much better developer oriented direction for Windows Azure and closer alignment of the entire .NET stack to Windows Azure.
I’m not sure what all of this means to Windows Azure as a product. Perhaps ScottGu will add more developer oriented features into the product, such as more complete Azure Table Storage LINQ support¬†and secondary indexes or any of a host of features voted for by developers, instead of pandering to enterprise requests that result in features like the Windows Azure VM Role. At the very least he should be able to start with the free (as in Heroku free) platform allowance for developers’ side projects.
People in the cloud computing market are about to be introduced to a big personality with a big following that is definitely going to give Windows Azure a much needed boost.
Competitors be warned, you are going to be seeing lots of red.
Simon Munro

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