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The joining of the Ruby creator “Matz” Yukihiro Matsumoto as the Chief Architect of Ruby at Heroku is a significant milestone for Ruby. For the those interested in the thoughts of the Ruby community on the appointment you should head over to your nearest Ruby hangout for opinion, the Ruby community does tend to, erm, talk things over extensively, so it would be good to hear it from them. It does seem that the move was taken quite favourably by the Ruby community however, but I don’t know the secret handshake that would give me the real low down.

I’m more interested in what this means for the broader cloud market. Heroku was bought by SalesForce in December last year and with it SalesForce bought the loyalty of a bunch of developers and, apparently, developers are the new kingmakers. Heroku is still more of an AWS poster child than a SalesForce one and SalesForce has to find a way to get those developer fans building stuff on their SalesForce platform.

I am hoping that Matz is going to build some frameworks that replace the proprietary Apex language that is used on SalesForce. Very few developers have been willing to commit to getting their skills locked in to SalesForce, especially while there are so many other interesting cloud friendly languages and frameworks about (such as Clojure and Node.js – both supported by Heroku).

Ruby adoption has largely been built around Ruby on Rails and Matz isn’t the guy who wrote the RoR framework, that was David Heinemeier Hansson from 37signals. So this means that Matz is not specifically tied to Rails and can develop other frameworks around Ruby. Hopefully he will start putting together a framework together for SaaS that runs on SalesForce.

If SalesForce, as a SaaS platform, has a really smart Ruby framework on top of it, SalesForce will be able to turn the developers that it bought/brought with Heroku into fanbois for SalesForce SaaS. If that happens, SalesForce will gain developer mindshare, after all, we know how passionate those Ruby guys are.


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