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First Line Support in the Public Cloud

I’ve found myself stuck in meetings trying to come up with an answer to a question like this:

“If we have no first line support with AWS, how do we know to get a second line support out of bed at 3am to fix things if they go wrong”

This opens up an interesting debate about the value of automation in a resilient and available system versus the ability to have somebody on hand who can own a problem and marshal the troops to get it fixed.

In this post on my personal blog I speculate on what would be needed to automate first line support and came up with a system that contains

  • Metrics
  • Triggers
  • On Duty Schedule
  • Voice Dialler and IVR System
  • “I’m Fixing” Mode
  • Host Platform Integration
  • Workflow

I really wish someone was building one of these.

Simon Munro




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