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Skype Outage Has Nothing To Do With Cloud Computing

The massive Skype outage yesterday seems, in some circles, to point fingers at the risks of cloud computing. While definitions of cloud computing may differ, we do agree that ‘Internet’ and ‘Cloud Computing’ are not synonymous. It looks like the Skype problem was caused by specific versions of client software which seemed to mess up the ‘Supernodes’, which also run on client PC’s.

Skype is a massively distributed peer-to-peer system with proprietary protocols that seems prone to failure due to buggy software. There are none of the typical cloud computing tenets that generally make up cloud computing – big public datacentres, multitenancy, virtualization, cheap commodity compute and storage, etc.

Any observations that a Skype outage reflects on the risks of running critical cloud infrastructure is simply someone who fears the future spreading FUD about something they clearly do not understand.

Simon Munro





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