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Passing the private cloud duck test

Clouds need Self Service Portals (SSP). I often wonder to whom “self” refers to and I think it would help a lot if people clarified that when describing their products. Is it a systems administrator, a software developer, a sales manager?

I have just read the Forrester report “Market Overview: Private Cloud Solutions, Q2 2011 by James Staten and Lauren E Nelson” which is actually pretty good. They cover IaaS private cloud solutions from the likes of Eucalyptus Systems, Dell, HP, IBM, Microsoft, VMWare etc. What I particularly liked is the way they interviewed and asked the vendors to demonstrate their cloud from a user centred perspective: “as a cloud administrator do…” , “as an engineering user perform…” , “logged in as a marketing user show…”. This moves the conversation away from rhetoric and techy details about hypervisors to the benefits realised by the consumers.

If it doesn’t look like a duck or quack like a duck it probably isn’t a duck.

Forrester have also tried to be quite strict in narrowing down the vendors they included in this report because, frankly, things weren’t passing the duck test. They also asked them to supply solid enterprise customer references where their solution was being used as a private cloud and they found: “Sadly, even some of those that stepped up to our requests failed in this last category”.

Good. Let’s get tough on cloud-washing.



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