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Using spikes to keep up with evolving Cloud services

Even a hiatus of a month can make you feel that you’ve fallen behind when working with Cloud services such as AWS and Azure. I’ve found that   there is no needs to panic though just treat the fact finding involved with exploring the new features   as a spike.

A spike is basically a time boxed period where you can explore new features and validate areas where you are unsure. Spikes are generally thrown away and the validated bits introduced as part of a new user story (you can look up the text book definition but for the purpose of this brief post that will do)

I have found that those from a Development background readily embrace this approach whereas those from a more traditional Operational background tend to be more reluctant . The  onus must in my opinion be on the Dev team to start working closer with the operational team and get them to start thinking like developers do when developing in an agile environment.

Grace Mollison



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