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Google App Engine Hello/Goodbye

The recent blog post Goodbye Google App Engine (GAE) sparked a furore, a response from Google in the comments and some responses from people happy with GAE. My simple observations:

  • The reliability of GAE does need to be fixed, regardless of designing for the cloud.
  • People do not know what they are getting themselves into when ditching traditional (read SQL) data stores and don’t know how to engineer for eventually consistent, high latency data storage.
  • The engineering cost of developing for the cloud has to be considered – it may be more expensive than traditional hosting.
  • Startups may wish for massive growth when their idea goes viral, but wishful thinking has a cost. Building a massively scalable application (regardless of the platform) may be unnecessary if realistic projections are used.

I like GAE and it’s vision and I like that the platform forces developers to think through their engineering. But for some the pain of learning may be too much and should probably be avoided if there is a serious business to run that needs to make money and keep customers happy.




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