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“Stealth Clouds” Cannot Be Detected has an article entitled The Rise of the Stealth Cloud, which looks at the problem with rogue applications that are hosted on public clouds. What is interesting about this article is, considering the audience, that there are no meaningful solutions offered. Much of the article reflects on the difficulty to detect public cloud usage:

It’s not that IT isn’t working hard to pinpoint offenses and nail offenders; it’s that the offenses (and therefore the offenders) are almost undetectable

My first observation is that the use of public clouds in such a stealthy manner is inevitable, as enterprise IT is unable to satisfy business demand in terms of provisioning time, initial cost, operational cost etc. Anecdotal evidence suggests that AWS is a market leader in offering alternatives to frustrated business and a lot of low end ‘departmental’ applications are moving to the cloud.

Secondly, although the article does add more fuel to the public cloud FUD fire, the risk of ‘stealth clouds’ is very real and needs to be properly understood and addressed by CIOs. What is interesting though is that although IT may not like to use a public cloud, the memos seem to be ignored – which is unsurprising.

Finally, the resolutions offered are disappointing – basically saying that CIOs need to govern, police and monitor ‘stealth clouds’. While that is part of what needs to be done, the first stop is for enterprise IT to understand the public cloud and offer business services to get onto the public cloud – quickly, effectively and with little red tape and cost. Rather than banning public clouds, which results in ‘stealth clouds’ anyway, enterprise IT should help business that is looking at a public cloud offering and help them get there – that is the only way that they will be able to steward the correct security and other requirements as well as being able to audit, log and manage the risk of public cloud usage.

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