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EMC Sponsored Research Indicates Public Cloud is Big Business

A report out today, The Cloud Dividend, was sponsored by EMC and looks at the economic benefit of cloud computing in Europe over the next few years.

Amongst other things the report highlights the cost savings and business development opportunities offered by cloud computing and, it points out, that this is prevalent in the SME market. It is that market that is looking for the savings and opportunities resulting in the economic benefit.

Against this backdrop, I was interested to see Table 3 on page 9 of the report which shows the following split of ‘Total Economic Benefit’ between 2010 and 2015 (note, this is economic benefit, not revenue)

  • Private Cloud : €267 billion
  • Hybrid Cloud : €299 billion
  • Public Cloud :€195 billion


While EMC, as the private cloud proclaimist, will breath a sigh of relief that the private cloud is relevant, I am buoyed to see that public cloud is as big. If you were to split the ‘hybrid cloud’ between public and private then it looks like they pretty much even out, so you can’t back either as the winner. Also, the ‘hybrid cloud’ is the biggest of them all which indicates the obvious impasse in the public/private debate, that ultimately businesses will use a combination cloud computing models to get things done.

Simon Munro



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