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Cloud Security is a Red Herring – Accenture CIO

The post 5 Things Accenture’s CIO Has Learned About Cloud Computing on has some ‘lessons learned’ by Accenture CIO Frank Modruson. I was interested in his somewhat against the grain calling out the public cloud security FUD by offering,

“The perception that something under your control is inherently more secure is misguided, he says. Is your money safer in the bank or under your mattress? Cloud vendors, because of their scale, may invest much more in security than a single enterprise ever would, Modruson says.”

I assume that as the CIO of Accenture, which is a large corporation, he has some credibility to back up his observation. Additionally, Accenture are in the business of providing IT consulting services as well as auditing services. I would think that they have a few people that know a bit about compliance and I doubt that their CIO would make such comments without the implicit support of his auditing colleagues.

One of the top global auditing firms calling bull on security fear mongers that promote the security of the private cloud over public cloud risks ought to stir up the debate a bit.

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